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MISC. FUN - Click the name of the sample to see a picture.

Reynolds Wrap - Jerry won "Best of Show" with his 2005 car. - "We took two weeks in Photoshop designing the sides for this car from two scanned images of a Reynolds Wrap box. We printed the images out on Epson Photo Quality Self Adhesive paper, and then topped it off with a few coats of Krylon Preserve It! Digital Photo & Paper Protectant. Other clear coat paints we tried made the ink from the paper bleed. We never made a single cut on the car! At the Pack race the car took third place, even though the wheels and axels where slapped on the car right at weigh-in. At the District race we thought we had a better chance of getting a Best of Show trophy, but fast cars don't get judged for this, so we misaligned the axles enough to slow it down and took home "Most Unique" in the Best of Show class."

Coffin (Grave Danger1, Grave Danger2) - Paul Abrams writes - Please post these pics of a car I made. It was the first time we had a Parents Race for Pack 204 Cub Scouts. Thank you.

Turbo Tub - Pack 423 of redford michigan really knows how to keep arace 'clean'.

Crayon Box - My name is Brian Chanda from Pack 166 Greater Western Reserve Counsel in Concord, Ohio.This car is shaped like a big yellow crayon that hold 12 crayons inside a Crayon Box. Not bad for speed either. The car weighed 4.9 oz. after we took some weight out. It finished 7th place out of 60 cars with a average time of 4.04 seconds. This car won Most Creative

Canoe (canoe1, canoe2) - A Pine-Pro fan writes, "My name is Dave Knopf. I built this car for the dads competition."

Pencial (pencil1, pencil2, pencil3) - Tina writes, " My 10 year old son won 3rd place today at his pinewood derby® competition!! He was really happy, and he got a medal!! .... He made his car look like a pencil! The only kid that did NOT make his look like a car. And it was all his idea, he worked hard on this,... He is in Weblos, and his name is Micah."

Chariot of Fire and Sword of the Spirit - Ron Martin writes, "These two entries were for our derby races held by our A of G, Royal Ranger Troop here in South central Pa."

"Kenergizer Bunny" - The "Kenergizer" bunny car has springs under the head and in the shoulder joints so the head bobs and the arms wave as it goes down the track.