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AUTOMOBILES - Click the name of the sample to see a picture.

Ford GT 40 - JT's dad writes - This was my son's dream car and we worked together on planning the cuts, but he did the sanding and detail work.

1941 Ford Model-T - Randy writes - I built a 1941 Ford Model-T for our AWANA pinewood derby® this year. Here is a picture of it.

School Bus, Police Car - Roger VandePoel writes - My seven year old son who is now a Wolf cub scout would very much like you to display the cars that we built last year with the Tiger Cubs and this year with the Wolfs on your web site. The School Bus is modeled after his own school bus that he rides each day to and from school. It is a Freightliner route 101 from the Lansing Central School District in central New York. This bus won third place last year racing with the Tiger Cubs and fourth place in the overall Pack 48 finals race. It raced in the district race as well. The Police Car was this year's project and unfortunately does not travel quite as fast as the bus did, however, an asthetics award was recieved for the paint job.

Mach5, Army - Andy & Zac Rappo share their designs.

Tractor Trailer, Flatbed, Flatbed w/Car, Hornet - Andy Ice writes - These are some photos of my son's pinewood derby® cars we have been racing in his boy scout troop. I had saved many of my old models and we used parts off of them to dress up our derby cars. Last spring we built a pick-up truck and won "Best of Show" because of our design. Last summer the troop sponsored a "Big Rig" race and provided the basic kits for the scouts to build a tractor / trailer rig. We decided that since our pick-up had done so well, that we needed a rig to haul our truck to the races. It also won "Best of Show" for design. This year we decided to build a 1939 Wagon Rod and continued our reign as "Best of Show" recipient. We already have plans for next year's race (1960's something GTO convertible - complete with interior). More pictures will be posted when we are finished.

57 Chevy, 67 Camaro Convertible V1, AA-Altered, Blown Muscle Car, Blown VW, Top Fuel - Sean Mundy and his family built these cars over the past seven years.They race in the Awana Grand Prix at their church.

Mobile Cart (Cart1Cart2) - A Pine-Pro fan writes, "I'm not young enough anymore to participate, but I still get a kick out of making these. I race them in our church's AWANA pinewood derby® every year (in the 'parents/leaders' bracket, of course!) I did the Mobil 1 CART in '02."

Stinger - A Pine-Pro fan writes, "My son and I made this car in 2001 and won first in design and second racing."

Dragster - A Pine-Pro fan writes, "I built this car for my nephew for the 2002 pinewood derby®. It won his den race and the overall pack race."

Indy1, Indy2 - Fred From Milwaukee writes, "I am not a kid but I sure enjoyed making this one. It's nice to share it with someone who knows how much TLC we put into our craft."

Dump Truck, Pickup Truck , Shark, The Track, The Trophy - Beth El A of G in Littlestown, PA, had their pinewood derby® on 11/10/01. Here are five pictures they sent in to share with everyone.

Harley car - A tribute to the one that I had to sell four years ago. all wood accept the handle bars.

Plane (front, top, right) - Has flashing LED's in the four exhaust pipes, and a motor that turns the propeller. There are eight watch batteries in this car, four behind the shocks as weight and four inbeded in the bottom . The sides are like mirror because I used chrome trim tape from the automotive parts store.

Truck - The fastest of them all. I just wanted to see if aerodynamics had anything to do with going fast at that size. I made this car to see what my truck would look like with this paint scheme, I liked it so much that I painted my truck that I drive daily the same way.

Car 1, Car 2, Car 3, Car 4, Car 5, Car 6, Car 7 - Ray G. and 2nd grade son Gates G. designed and created these cars for the 2000 Pack 7 pinewood derby® on 1-12-00. Gate's car, the Dragon, won 2nd place for speed in the Wolf Division and Best of Design. The lead pipes were utilized to provide a way to add weight and pearl paint added to the overall sheen of the cars under lights.

Gangster - Based on a 1940's Ford. This car took 1st place for its design. Note the wheel wells and running boards.

'57 Jaguar Shortnoze D-Type - The kind of car that kicked tail at the Lamans back in the mid to late 50's. This pine wood derby is complete with 3 working headlights. The aaa battery is in the hollowed out head rest. Thin pieces of wood were attached to the sides and the fenders were carved out. The custom wheels are not official, but they are made especially for pinewood derby®s and resemble D-Type wheels. Brown leather straps were palced on both sides to hold the front bonnet closed. This pinewood derby® is entirely hollow. This was done to reduce weight and to make room for wiring.

Hotwheel - At a 1998 company picnic, the theme was hotwheels. The pine wood derby car had to be a replica of a HOTWHEEL. This one was made after "EARLY TIMES 98 WAY 2 FAST".